Access to Justice Website – Appeal a Case
Resources and information on how to appeal a case in Illinois

Access to Justice Website
Information on how to start a case, respond to a case, appeal a case and court forms

American Association of Law Libraries “How to Research a Legal Problem: A Guide for Non-Lawyers” publication
Guide to help self-represented litigants find legal rules

American Association of Law Libraries Public Legal Resources
Links to additional public legal resources

American Association of Law Libraries Public Library Toolkit
Guide to assist public librarians and patrons in the process of legal research

American Bar Association Free Legal Answers
Free legal for those who qualify

Fourth Judicial Circuit Court of Illinois Self-Help Links
Includes links to a glossary of legal terms, lawyer referral services, Consumer Guide to Legal Help, Legal Explanations, Illinois Vehicle Code and more

Fourth Judicial Circuit Court Rules of Practice
Handbook for the Rules of Practice in the Fourth Judicial Circuit Courts

Fourth Judicial Circuit Court Guide to Small Claims Court
Fourth Judicial Circuit Guide to small court including information for those who wish to sue and those who are being sued

How to Zoom from your phone
Information on Expungement/Sealing, health care waivers, executive clemency & more

Illinois Legal Aid Online
Legal forms, tools, resources, and information to help through court processes

Illinois Legal Aid Online Marion County Self-Help Center Locations
List of physical self-help centers in Marion County

Illinois Legal Aid Online Forms Library

Illinois Courts Standardized Court Forms and Documents
Court forms approved by the Illinois Supreme Court.
Includes forms for Circuit Court, Appellate Court and Supreme Court

Illinois Court Help Online

Illinois Attorney General University Provided Legal Services
List of law schools providing legal services in Illinois

Illinois State Bar Association Legal Information
Legal information regarding your business, vehicles, family, finances, personal rights, healthcare, disaster services, veterans, jobs, and more

Illinois State Bar Association – “Need Legal Help?”
Find a lawyer, learn about lawyers, self help and more

Illinois Office of the State Appellate Defender
Information on Expungement/Sealing, health care waivers, executive clemency & more

Illinois Secretary of State
Online services, publications/forms and contact information for the Illinois Secretary of State

Illinois Department of Public Health Adoption Registry
Resources, forms, laws & rules regarding the Illinois Adoption Registry

Land of Lincoln Legal Aid
Free legal aid to those in need of legal services in central and southern Illinois

Nolo’s Free Dictionary of Law Terms and Legal Definitions
Glossary of legal terms and definitions for self-represented litigants

Veterans’ Legal Aid Society
Free legal aid for Illinois Armed Forces. Also helps coordinate access to legal services for veterans

Self-Help Videos

Legal Videos

Click on the links below for the following short videos:

Navigating the Court System without a Lawyer

Legal Language 101

Understanding Small Claims Court

Filling Motions

Civil cases V. Criminal cases

What to do after you’ve been served [court papers]

Understanding Common Procedural Terms

The who, what, when, where and how of State courts

E-Filing Videos

How to file into an existing case (01:46)

Upload Filings (Upload documents that you want filed in the court file)(03:30)


Jury Videos

Illinois Jury Orientation (Jury process and FAQs)


Zoom Videos

Preparing for a Court Appearance Via Zoom (02:50)

Preparación para una comparecencia ante el tribunal a través de Zoom

Zoom Hearing How-To’s – iPhone

Zoom Hearing How-To’s – Android

Zoom Hearing How-To’s – How to Zoom from a Computer