Which Option Is Right For Me?

If you are pleading GUILTY and PAYING for a NO APPEARANCE REQUIRED traffic ticket, you may only pay through the JUDICI E-PLEA/E-PAY program. Only payments for cases with a final disposition can be paid through COURTMONEY. Payments made through COURTMONEY for cases without a final disposition will be rejected and not credited to your account.

  • Judici E-Pay allows users to make payments on closed cases with an outstanding balance.
  • Judici E-Plea allows users to plead guilty and pay the fine for MOST minor traffic and conservation offenses which do not require a court appearance, as indicated on the ticket.
  • CourtMoney makes it simple to make credit and debit card payments, making it convenient for your customers to make payments for tickets, citations, and more.
  • PayCourt/CCP allows users to pay on any accounts sent to collections

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