The Supervisor of Assessments recommends and the County Board approves all appointments of individuals to serve on the Marion County Board of Review. As required by 35 ILCS 200/6-15, the political makeup of the Board of Review shall be 2 members affiliated with the political party polling the highest vote for any County Office in the County at the last general election prior to any appointment made under this Section. The race for County office must be contested and Circuit Clerk results cannot be considered. The 3rd member shall not be affiliated with that same party. Each member of the Board of Review shall receive an annual salary to be fixed by the County Board.

The primary functions of the Board of Review are:
• Review the assessments of the property made by the Supervisor of Assessments
• Correct, if necessary, any individual assessment, add property to the tax roll and correct property descriptions.
• Grant tax exempt status for any qualified property pursuant to Section 16-70 of the Property Tax Code, subject to the approval of the IL Department of Revenue.
• Approve/disapprove all types of homestead exemptions.
• Hear all formal complaints regarding property assessments and issue final decisions on same. It is in this capacity that the Board of Review adjusts property assessments if it deems such action is appropriate.

Board Members

Mark D. Miller
Supervisor of Assessments
Clerk of the Board of Review

Patrick Kyker

John Wright

Wayne Walker